Jackall Lures

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The Jackall Cover Craw presents a protein-rich profile in a compact soft plastic package. The Cover Craw is salt injected and filled with live bait scent to keep fish from spitting the Cover Craw out. The Cover Craw is ideal for pitching to overhanging brush, docks and spawning beds, due to the design of the bait which causes the Cover Craw to glide away from you. Take advantage of this unique bait before word gets out. 


The Jackall Sasuketi Craw has been a proven bass catcher in Japan for some time. Perfect for flipping and pitching heavy cover, it can double as a quality jig trailer as well. Its narrow, torpedo-shaped body allows it to slip in and out of cover easily, while its long claws were designed to impart maximum action. Jackall even included small protruding humps along the surface of the claws to generate increased vibration. The Sasuketi's salt-impregnated, soft plastic construction provides an extremely life-like presentation and is remarkably durable enough to withstand the rigors of dense cover and multiple strikes. Available in a number of proven colors, the Jackall Sasuketi Craws delivers the quality and innovation Jackall is known for and will add a valuable dimension to anyone's flipping and pitching game.