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KO Minnow / KO Minnow HD

Introducing the Hand Poured 4” Knock Out Minnow. The KO Minnow can be used as a Drop shot bait, on a shaky head, wacky rigged, tip a jig with it or use it on a Flick Shake Jig. The KO Minnow is made with super soft plastic. Salted and Garlic scent. The KO Minnow comes in Ten Colours and KO HD in Eight Colours.

K.O. Minnows HD are all airbrush painted to get the most life like look, the HD is for the Angler that demands to fish with the most life like bait available. The HD is made with super soft plastic and Garlic scented. The only thing missing on this bait is a hart beat.


KickTail worms

This worm is garlic scented and salted giving you every advantage for success on the water. With the high quality of our hand pour plastic, this 5”worm has incredible movement. The name says it all. This worm kicks back and forth on the fall, once on the bottom the tail section rises up and when shaken the rounded tail section creates a higher resistance so the body of the worm vibrates and puts out a unique sound and look.