Strike King

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Coffee Tubes

Now in store you'll find a selection of Strike King's new coffee and salt impregnated tubes. The coffee tube is one of their new products for 2008 and they will be scented with real coffee bean granules and coffee bean oil. The attraction that fish have for coffee flavoring was discovered by accident after watching bluegill react to a few coffee grounds poured out of a coffee cup into a lake. Field testing confirmed the theory that fish are attracted to coffee as much as we are. Give these a try in the 2008 season they're sure to be a hit.


Rage Tail / Rage Craw

Made from high-grade plastics for superior action and excellent durability, the Rage Tail line of soft plastics features designs engineered to provoke violent strikes from the biggest lunkers in the lake! Features a fat body and a bulbous, wobbling tail.




From the tantalizing action to the lifelike color, this fantastic swim bait is made to catch fish. Rig with a jig head or a weighted worm hook and fish with a slow, steady retrieve. Match hook size to bait size for some the finest swim bait action on the market.



Perfect Plastics are the softest, saltiest plastic lures ever produced and feature Strike King’s exclusive coffee scent. These baits contain the world’s best blend of soft plastic ingredients! This allows use of large amounts of salt yet keep the bait soft, pliable and fishable. Coffee adds to the appeal as it masks human scents and oils and causes added bites and longer hold times.



The Strike King Go-B-Gone was designed to take on the large bodies of water in the North and go head to head with some of the bruiser smallmouth and largemouth bass located in those areas. The Go-B-Gone can be Texas rigged, rigged with a jig head or on a Drop shot.