Events 2018

November 15th 2018,  Paddletales Tackle, Winchester, ON

November 15th, Paddletales is hosting a Shimano product knowledge night. There will be a power point presentation which will start around 7, followed by questions and answers, eating of potato chips, and slurping of pop. This is something that I would like to do on a monthly basis over the winter, so I'm hoping for a good turnout.

November 17th 2018,  Paddletales Tackle, Winchester, ON

November 17th, we're hosting our annual customer appreciation day. (Yes, it's that time of year already :shock: ). We are working on a bunch of specials, but as always the highlight will be the food. Doug Dolan has volunteered to come back and deep fry turkeys again this year. The turkey will be served from about 11 am to 2.30-3 or until Doug revolts from the cooking duties.

More information will be posted as the date gets closer.

Ed & Sandie