Bass Magnet

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In 1967, when Fred Young carved the first BigO fishing lure from a block of balsa wood, he created a legacy that has endured for decades. After 30 years, the Cotton Cordell BigO lure is still an active part of crankbait and fishing tackle history.

The BigO is a fishing favorite for big trophy bass because its shorter, squared lip deflects off cover, making it ideal to fish around submerged structure.  



Fred Young Original Big-O

For over 30 years, this reliable lure has attracted bass and other game fish. Easy to cast, the Big "O" features a distinctive wobble that excites bass and other game fish when the lure is cranked through the water.




Wally Diver

The Cotton Cordell Wally Diver fishing lure is the total walleye fishing system, from the shallow runner to the Magnum deep diver, this series was created with walleyes in mind. Everything about these fishing lures - their action, their profiles, their colors – is expertly designed for walleye fishing. These lures are also great for largemouth and smallmouth bass.