Shimano Reels 

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Shimano Curado E Casting Reels

Shimano not only redesigned the entire frame size of the Curado E they also made sure to reduce the overall weight by 2.2 ounces. As with the D Series the Curado E Series is equipped with Super Free casting technology and a Magnumlite Spool. Shimano has continued with HEG gearing and a Dartanium Drag for fish moving power and fighting strength.




Shimano Core MG Casting Reels

Not only is this reel extremely light it is extremely comfortable to hold during the cast and retrieve. The all new 100 size frame design is ergonomic and becomes an extension of the rod. The 6.2:1 gear ratio give you burn back retrieve speed and combined with the HEG gearing you can move fish quick and efficiently. The Core represents the next generation of Shimano magnesium reels.




Shimano Calais A Casting Reels

10 BB & 1 RB A-RB® Anti-Rust Bearings are at least 10 times more corrosion resistant than standard stainless steel bearings. Solid, unflexing one-piece Aluminum frame. Aluminum sideplates keep moving parts in precise alignment for increased smoothness and durability. Easy Access Sideplate allows quick access to the VBS system. 



Shimano Calais DC Casting Reels

Shimano has taken their Digital Control technology to a new level with the Calais DC. The original DC system is excellent for most bass fishing and inshore applications. However, the original Digital Control was not ideally suited for slow spool speed applications like skipping or pitching. 




Shimano Stradic Mg FB Spinning Reels

For the ultimate in lightweight spinning performance, look no further. Utilizing the new Paladin Gear Durability Enhancement, Propulsion Line Management System and Aero Wrap® II oscillation, the SR®-Concept equipped Stradic® MgFB is the answer.




Shimano Stella Spinning Reels FD

Featuring the new Propulsion and Paladin systems as well as the Aero Wrap® II system, the new Shimano Stella® FD features a magnesium frame and sideplate along with an aluminum rotor to achieve its light weight, while maintaining its strength. The Stella® FD also features a proprietary gear coating on top of the normal Paladin Gear Durability Enhancement that increases its durability even more.  




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