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For years nylon monofilament has been the leader of choice among millions of anglers. But that's rapidly changing. Seaguar Fluorocarbon has it all over mono when it comes to underwater visibility. In fact, Seaguar Fluorocarbon practically disappears in the water. That ultra-low visibility assures a much more natural presentation and it's far less likely to spook the fish.

Additional features of this line include:

Abrasion Resistance - Seaguar Fluorocarbon is extremely durable. It resists abrasion, cuts and nicks better than ordinary nylon monofilaments.

UV and Water Proof - Seaguar Fluorocarbon is unaffected by the sun's UV rays and it will not absorb water (and weaken) like mono.

World's #1 Seller - Seaguar invented Fluorocarbon in 1970 so it is no surprise this is the largest selling brand of Fluorocarbon line and leaders in the world.