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Cavitron (The Slowest Buzzbait):  This was part of Cavitron's original design. It is this aspect of our Buzzbait that makes it so unique from others. I designed the blade to capture as much air as possible while rotating on the surface. It is this capturing of air that allows our blade to turn quicker at much slower rate of retrieve. Thus allowing Cavitron to be the slowest Buzzbait!

The Cavitron is designed to intrude deep into above-surface heavy cover as well as open-water areas (with underwater weed lines, trees, stumps, etc.)

Cavitron Prop:

The special Cavitron Prop will create an immense amount of air bubbles.  This will allow Cavitron an enticingly retrieve, greatly reducing the unforgettable missed strikes.  Lee's Signature Blade will give off an awesome squeal right out of the package.  Our blade needs no Tuning!

The Oxbow:

Cavitron has a unique bend in the wire just prior to the body section of the buzzbait.  Lee incorporated this in Cavitron after watching big bass blow up on his lure and knocking it clear out of the water.  After months of experimenting, the "Oxbow" was developed.  The "Oxbow" does two very specific things to the Cavitron:

1)  The "Owbox" acts as a keel or rudder in the water, keeping the hook pointed in the upward position.

2)  The "Oxbow" suspends the Cavitron body deeper in the water, allowing the bass or other game fish to get the hook deeper in it mouth, tremendously increasing your hook-up percentages.

The Stealth Engineered Head:

The Cavitron sports the new patented "Stealth" body.  This design has taken three years to perfect and has greatly increased the bait's snag-proof capabilities. This unique scientifically advanced head enables Cavitron to plane of quicker and run truer.

Combine these features with the super sharp Gamakatsu Hook and Silicone Skirting, and you truly have a Pro Signature Cavitron.