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Big Salty Chunk

The Big Salty Chunk is used as a trailer, attached to the back of a rubber or silicone skirted jig. Typically used on heavy tackle in heavy cover, this small 3 1/4 in. bait is sure to do the trick.



Super chunk

The Zoom Chunk is a good looking chunk designed for lots of fluttering action. The body of the bait is tough, thick plastic that will stay on the hook well and the bat-tail wings are thin and supple, allowing them to flutter easily on the fall and move enticingly when the lure is crawled or hopped along the bottom.


Horny Toad

The new 4.5" Horny Toad is the newest plastic to "jump" into the market. With the Ultra-Vibe Speed Legs similar to the Ultra-Vibe Speed Craw this is what you've been asking for



Super Fluke

The Super Fluke is a truly amazing bait. One would really have to fish with this wonder to understand. Texas rig it without a weight, and twitch or "soft jerk" on the surface, then let it slowly fall to a few feet deep, and repeat. Bass just "react" when they see this bait in action. The just can’t stand it. This bait is very effective when fished in weed pockets also.