Snag Proof

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Tournament Frog

Designed by the pros, this is the frog for trophy bass! Specially weighted for more accurate casting, it sits in the water like real frog. Silicone coated rubber skirt has colorfull action with no matting or melting. Built-in rattle. Knife-edge double hook. 100% weedless and very effective! Each has contrasting skirts.




Bobby's Perfect Frog

The secret’s out! Western Pro Bobby Barrack has been using Snag Proof Frogs for years with great success, modifying each one to give it the “edge” he needed. Now, you can get that same edge with “Bobby’s Perfect Frog”! Just tie it on and throw it. Walk it next to boat docks or over submerged structures. Twitch it over moss or lilypads. The big ones are waiting!