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Yum Dinger 5" & 7"

The soft plastic YUM Dinger's dead-sticking action gives fish a very subtle yet irresistible action that can be used in any kind of fishing situation. Whether Texas rigged, wacky style or pitched into heavy cover, the YUM Dinger's combination of a perfect fall rate, subtle wiggling action and Live Prey Technology make it a must have new product for any serious bass angler.


Yum Chunk

Loaded with salt, this chunk bait adds bulk to your favorite jig slowing its fall rate. Available in two sizes and several color options, the YUM chunk also features oversized swimming legs and a small head that won't interfere with the hook and tentacles for that added dose of realism. Perfect for bass fishing.


Yum BuzzFrog

The secret to the YUM BuzzFrog's popularity is the "gurgle" it produces as it's retrieved. The BuzzFrog's feet provide the movement bass can't resist. The body textures simulate the feel of a real frog and it is impregnated with Live Prey Technology, YUM's exclusive scent/attractant, so bass hang on longer. A hook slot ensures the BuzzFrog stays weedless in the heaviest of cover.


Yum Wooly Hawgtail

As the only creature bait you'll ever need, the Hawgtail fits its name. This is a big-time big-fish bait. It works equally well on a Carolina rig, or pitched and flipped on a Texas rig. The Hawgtail produces massive action and the Wooly body makes it truly unique. Perfect for bass fishing.



Yum Gonzo Grub

The twintail skirted soft plastic YUM Gonzo Grub is designed to be fished on a standard or football style jighead. Super-charged with LPT and salt, the Gonzo Grub's skirt and body are molded as one piece ensuring consistent product quality.



Yum Big Show Paddle Worm

Every Twitch of the line or hint of current brings the tail of a YUM Big Show Paddle Worm to life, and an ultra narrow midsection and paddle-shaped tip cause the tail to stay upright as the worm settles. The Big Show Paddle Worm comes in three sizes ranging for 6 inches for jighead applications to 10 inches for serious trophy bass.