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Paca Craw


NetBait Paca Craw The Paca Craw hollow body measures 3" and the claws measure 2". Overall extended length is 5 1/4". Both the NetBait Paca Craw and Baby Paca Craw have unbelievable action and are loaded with heavy salt to give it tremendous fishing catching appeal. The Paca Craw and Baby Paca Craw are tubes that can be fished by buzzing the surface like a buzz bait, by swimming it just under the surface, by flipping it in heavy cover, or by Carolina rigging it for fishing deep water. I feel this is the most versatile soft-plastic bait on the market, and it can not be fished wrong.




  • Paca Craw - 5" - 8 per bag
  • Baby Paca Craw - 4" - 9 per bag
  • Tiny Craw - 3" - 10 per bag



    Paca Chunk

    The NetBait Paca Chunk. is over 2 years in the making. After 4 different molds and extensive field testing the Paca Chunk is ready. With an overall length of 3”, a solid body and the patented NetBait Claws this one is a must have ! Use it as a Jig Trailer or fish in on a simple round ball jig head. You have got to see the way this bait falls in the water. The fish will not be able to leave it alone. The NetBait Paca Chunk is available in 29 colors with more sure to come. There is nothing like it on the market today. 


  • Paca Chunk - Regular: 2.75" long, 6 to a bag.
  • Paca Chunk Senior.: 3.25" long, 5 to a bag.
  • Tiny Paca Chunk: 2.25" long, 7 to a bag.



    Paca Toad

    New for 2007, Netbait's Paca Toad will entise the big bite. Netbait's super soft plastics are loaded with salt, scent and pork fat to make fish bite and hang on. This toad has a slit in the belly for the hooks and two rattle compartments where the tail begins. This bait comes in two sizes.




  • Regular: Overall: 5", body portion: 2.5", tail portion: 2.5", 5 per pack
  • Senior: Overall: 6", body portion: 3", tail portion: 3", 4 per pack