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Gambler is a leading manufacturer of soft plastics for bass fishing.They design baits and lures that catch fish under all conditions.  With their large selection of products you will always have a Gambler Bait that will put fish in the boat.  Their baits are responsible for top finishes from local tournaments all the way up to the FLW and BASS Tours.  Whether you are on the water for a relaxing day of fishing or getting ready to fish the tournament of your life try a Gambler bait.


6" Flappin Shad

This is a soft plastic that can be fished as a buzzbait across the surface or as a jerk bait below the surface. The Flapp'n Shad has made a name for itself with explosive top water strikes on all species of fish.


Ugly Otter

The Ugly Otter has a body that moves water. In addition the two side appendages can be cut or left solid. The large tapered tail puts out a vibration that fish can focus in on. It can be split, cut, or left whole. Excellent texas rigged or fished as a jig trailer.



Cane Toad

The Cane Toad is the ultimate swimming toad. Designed to give maximum splash at slower retrieve speeds. The Cane Toad incorporates a larger body to hold a bigger hook and thinner profile for better hook penetration. The Cane Toad will result in more strikes and more hook ups. Try the Cane Toad today and see why big bass just can't help but eat this toad.