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Through technology exclusive to Berkley®, Gulp!® releases scent 400X more than regular plastic baits. And with all natural ingredients, Gulp! is 100 percent biodegradable—the first bait of its kind.




Fish bite and won’t let go®. We’ve spent years improving our formulas, obtaining the right colors and actions to increase the fish-attracting power of Berkley® PowerBait®. By studying fish in the lab and then testing our baits on the water, we’re able to deliver the most consistent, effective artificial baits in the world.



Gulp! Alive

Berkley Gulp! Alive is the next generation in Gulp!™ technology. Now your favorite baits come floating in the "Magic Gravy", enabling you to recharge your baits by putting them back in the bucket. The new Gulp!® Alive™ baits absorb 20% more Gulp!™ scent and attractant which, you guessed it, makes them at least 20% MORE EFFECTIVE than the 1st generation baits. They also have a 34% better swimming action than original Gulp!™.


Heavy Weight SinkWorm

These worms wiggle like crazy as they fall. Due to their heavy weight, no sinkers are required. Perfect for catching suspended fish. Best when utilized in a "dead stick" technique. Rig the baits "wacky" style or "Texas" style and allow the bait to free fall. 

Hollow belly Swimbait

The Berkley Hollow Belly swimbait is proof that some great baits are worth the wait. Berkley scientist have spent numerous days testing the Hollow Belly to make sure it delivers the proper tail and body action. These swimbaits feature realistic eyes and lifelike colors which include a clear coat finish that magnifies the natural image. The oversized paddle tail creates a natural swimming action and the soft texture mimics the feel of live baitfish.